Halloween 2011

7 Nov

Sadly, our neighborhood does not have many children of trick-or-treating age, so last year our doorbell did not ring once on Halloween night.  This year, I decided to go out to my parents’ house in the ‘burbs to help them hand out candy.  I figured they’d get masses of costumed kids begging for candy, just like I remember from my old days in the neighborhood.

The doorbell rang three times.  Three!  Granted, with Halloween being on a Monday, I’m sure that reduced the amount of kids who went out.  And there aren’t many young kids left on my parents’ street, so I guess that explains it (in fact most of the other neighbors didn’t even have any lights on – bah humbug).  Two of the groups of kids who did show up were junior high age or older, and one kid was actually talking on his cell phone as he walked up to the door!  Ridiculous.

Anyway, I found this little bit of post-Halloween humor on the internet today (here, originally from Jimmy Kimmel Live), and thought I’d share.  Pretty funny.

By the way, you might think that Halloween would be my favorite holiday, given all the orange involved, but you’d be wrong.  Halloween is great and all, but come on, how can it compete with Thanksgiving and Christmas??


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