Home Woes Continued

16 Nov

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post about our home’s electrical problems…well, feel free to get caught up if you’d like.

So, the (second) guy from CenterPoint Energy finally showed up just after 5pm yesterday. He was actually very thorough and checked our meter and breaker box, the neighbor’s breaker box (to see if they had the same voltage problem), and even climbed up the telephone pole to check the wiring up there. And even though it was the second time that day that a technician had come out, only to find no problems with their equipment, he didn’t charge me anything (even though I’d been threatened with a $50 fee a couple times over the phone).

And that’s where the good news stops. After all the thorough investigation, he determined that the problem was with the wire that runs from the power lines to our house. Which apparently is not their problem, so it’s on us to fix it. So of course my next call was to our home warranty company to find out if that repair would be covered. Go figure, it’s not. Our warranty only covers things “inside the house.” So now we have to get an electrician back out here and pay out of pocket for them to replace this faulty wire. Which sounds like its going to cost somewhere in the range of $2000-$3000. Awesome. Not to mention the power will have to be shut off completely during the repair, which hopefully can happen soon because living without A/C and with limited power is not fun. Apparently there is also a permit and inspection involved as well.

The (sort of) good news is that I talked to the electrician who came out yesterday morning, and he is going to measure for the replacement wire this afternoon and give me a quote, and said it shouldn’t be a problem to get it all done this week.

I did learn at least one valuable lesson through all this though. It helps to know your neighbors. That way, they won’t be as suspicious when you ring their doorbell and ask if the guy from the electric company can take a look at their electric panel. On the up side, I had a conversation with one of my neighbors for the first time…


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