Christmas Decorating

29 Nov

It’s officially Christmas time!!  I’m a stickler for holding out until after Thanksgiving to decorate/listen to Christmas music, so I was pretty excited to get started on all of that this weekend.  Here’s our beautiful tree:


Now we just have to keep an eye on Sebastian for the next month.  He was very sneaky last year…

Yes, that is the cat about 4 feet up IN the Christmas tree. Playing with an ornament. Oy. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try that stunt this year – he’s quite a bit bigger and I’m afraid he’ll bring the whole thing down. So far he’s just tried playing with the ornaments on the lowest branches. Right now his thing is still jumping up on the mantel, which is even more fun with all the garland and Christmas figures up there. So I’m sure he’ll manage to break something either way.

My other favorite thing now that it’s Christmas time and has gotten colder is the fireplace! It totally completes the Christmas-y feeling.

Hooray Christmas!


2 Responses to “Christmas Decorating”

  1. Joey Harvey November 29, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    rock on!


  1. Living Room Update « she loves orange - November 30, 2011

    […] when my fall decorations were still up, so it looks decidedly more Christmas-y now (as seen in yesterday’s post). Also, I realize the curtains are hanging a few inches above the floor, which looks kind of weird. […]

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