This Place Has Everything

19 Dec

Jon and I are kind of obsessed with the SNL Weekend Update “contributor” Stefon.  Bill Hader is freaking hilarious, especially in this role. The most recent sketch with Stefon was especially good – if you haven’t seen it, please watch it here immediately.

We couldn’t help but think of this sketch after a Christmas party we went to on Friday night.  Jon was invited by a coworker to a big party at a club called Red Room. We’re still not exactly sure who was throwing the party, but it was definitely a fun night. There were a lot of people Jon knew from work, and bankers definitely know how to party. There were actually two midgets dressed as Christmas elves greeting everyone. Not even kidding. But that’s not the best part.

About an hour after we got there, Eric Winston showed up. Of course Jon was super excited because not only does Eric Winston play for the Texans, but he also went to The U. And Jon loves to tell the story of the time that he and the rest of the cross country team ran into Eric in the locker room (in their running gear – short running shorts) and Eric said “what the heck is this, Lord of the Rings?”

One of Jon’s coworkers at the party used to live with Eric’s brother, so that gave us an in to go talk to him. Jon told him the Lord of the Rings story (Eric didn’t remember it, he just said he hoped Jon wasn’t still mad about it) and we ended up talking to him and his wife for like 30 minutes. They were both super nice! And Jon is still giddy. 🙂

Anyway, here’s my take on our night in the words of Stefon:

If you’re looking for holiday cheer, look no further. Houston’s hottest club is Red Room. This place has everything: bankers, festive sweaters, trophy wives, midgets dressed as elves, Eric Winston. Come on down this weekend for an epic holiday party with free beer, too many people and music so loud you can barely hear yourself think.


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