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I’m Sorry, But My Cat Is Adorable

15 Mar

Case in point:


Sebastian’s current favorite evening nap spot is any one of our four dining room chairs. He rotates around to all the chairs, sometimes napping on three of them in one evening. It’s hilarious and adorable (maybe just to us). Especially when he’s all curled up like this. Just before I snapped this photo he actually had his head tucked in to his back legs, all curled up like a cinnamon roll. So cute.

Of course at night, his favorite sleeping spot is curled up in bed with us, preferably up against my legs, or side, or on my chest.


 And he’s so talented too! He can relax even in the most precarious places.


I dare you to tell me this cat is not cute. And yes, I’m a little obsessed. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Oh and yes, these photos were all taken with my iPhone.


Tissue Poms – A Pinterest Challenge

14 Mar

As I mentioned last week in this post, I decided to finally participate in The Pinterest Challenge, “hosted” by my fave bloggers Sherry and Katie. So without further ado…

My plan was to create some cute pink and yellow tissue poms to use for my sister-in-law’s baby shower that I hosted this past Saturday. Here are a couple of my pins that inspired the project:

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Let me just say right off the bat… these did not exactly come out like the photos. I still don’t know what I did wrong, but my poms did not come out full and round. They came out more like.. well, half rounded. See?

But they still looked cute with all the other pink and yellow decorations we had going on. And I was pretty pleased with myself for making them work, despite having some wonky tissue paper, and none of the other required supplies according to Martha’s directions. That’s right, I actually disobeyed Martha Stewart and used staples instead of floral wire. But really, who has floral wire just lying around the house?? Not me.

Anyway, here’s the basic process:

Lay several sheets of tissue paper on top of each other – I used 6 to 10 depending on how many came in a pack.

Fold them back and forth, accordion style, with about 1.5 inch folds. Crease well.

Find the middle of the folded stack.

Here’s where I ignored Martha – she used floral wire to wrap the middle, I used staples. Hey, in the end it worked ok.

Cut the two edges in a rounded shape (important to make the finished product look flower-like).

Separate one layer at a time from the center. I think I figured out that it works better if you alternate sides as you separate.

Once all the layers are separated – ta-da! Finished product. Like I said, mine all turned out sort of flat on the bottom, but they looked great just sitting on a flat surface. Sort of like water lilies I guess.

 As you can see, Sebastian was helping me.

I did end up hanging some of them, as you saw above, but sadly I don’t have any photos to show how I did that. I didn’t plan ahead, so the only way I could figure out how to insert a hanging apparatus was to use a sewing needle and thread. I just threaded the middle of the pom on the bottom and made a loop of thread. If I’d planned better, I would have tied some sort of thread or wire onto the pom from the beginning (when I stapled it).

And here are some gratuitous baby shower photos. I LOVED how everything turned out. Pretty much exactly like the Pinterest board I used for inspiration!

That’s all for me! Don’t forget to check out the other Pinterest Challenge reveals at Young House Love, Bower Power,  The Great Indoors, and Hi Sugarplum – and all the other projects that are linked up to those posts! I’m off to do that now!

Just a reminder, this is not actually sponsored by Pinterest or anything. It’s just for fun!

Finally, Some “Pinspiration”!

7 Mar

I am pretty excited about this post for a few reasons. One, because I am actually posting something, which is pretty great (I’m such a slacker lately). And two, because it involves some of my favorite things: DIY, Pinterest, and my two very favorite bloggers, Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power.

To make a long story short, Sherry and Katie came up with the Pinterest Challenge a while back to encourage them (and their readers) to actually do some of the things they pin, instead of just pinning and admiring.

Since I read both of their blogs religiously, I have always wanted to participate in this challenge, but I never managed to – until now. This challenge couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. They announced it today, and are giving themselves (and everyone else) a week to complete the challenge. Next Wednesday everyone will share their creations on their respective blogs, and link up their posts. Why is this perfect timing? Because I am hosting a baby shower for my lovely sister-in-law this weekend, and I have been pinning ideas for months, and I am definitely going to have to complete everything before Saturday, which will give me plenty of time to snap some photos, write about it, and post it all next Wednesday. Hooray! I even have a specific item for the shower that I’m planning to post about, based on these “pinspirations” (sorry, sorry):

The theme of the baby shower is “Vintage pink and yellow roses” – yeah it’s kind of a mixed theme. But basically the main focus is pink and yellow (naturally the baby in question is a girl) – and I thought some pink and yellow poms dangling from the ceiling would be just perfect.  So that is my plan for the Pinterest Challenge. I also pinned a whole bunch of other baby shower stuff on this Pinterest board, and I’m planning to take some photos of everything at the shower to share next week also.

And just to round everything out, I should also mention that a couple of other bloggers are guest hosting the Pinterest Challenge – Erin from The Great Indoors and Cassie from Hi Sugarplum. They, along with Sherry and Katie B., will be posting their Challenge results on Wednesday and hosting link parties for everyone else to link up their projects (which I will be doing!)

And finally, even though this project is called The Pinterest Challenge, Pinterest itself actually has nothing whatsoever to do with it, doesn’t know about it, might not really care, is not sponsoring the challenge in any way, etc. This is just something fun these blogger ladies dreamed up.

Well, that’s it for now! I’m off to start planning my poms! See ya back here next week for the big reveal!