Easter Guacamole

9 Apr

This past weekend Jon and I traveled to Louisiana to celebrate Easter with my extended family (mom’s side) as per our usual tradition. Every year we have a big family reunion with all of my grandma’s family – her siblings and all of their various offspring. This year we were missing several people (including my two brothers, and a few other family units) and the total attendance was still around 50 to 60. We don’t mess around.

The different sides of the family usually take turns hosting, providing the main meal, appetizers, desserts, etc. and this year our side was assigned appetizers. Along with everything else, my mom came up with the idea of bringing guacamole – after all, who doesn’t love a good guac. Plus, we kinda have this awesome “family” recipe*. So, I was put in charge of the guac. I made a big batch of it Sunday morning, and let’s just say it was a hit. Several people told me how good it was, and asked for the recipe. My cousin Kerri, who had apparently discovered my blog recently, suggested that I put the recipe here for anyone who was interested. Such a smarty pants, that one. 😉 So this is for you Kerri!

Yeah I didn't take any pics of the finished guac.

Guacamole For A Crowd

This is based on the batch I made for a large group. There was plenty for the ~50 people who were snacking on it along with a lot of other snacks. You can of course adjust up or down very easily, and to be completely honest, I usually just guess at all of these measurements.

There are two keys to this recipe – cilantro, and NOT mashing the avocados. Everything else is negotiable. 

4 Roma tomatoes
1 small red onion
3 limes
1 orange
1 bunch cilantro (or if you’re shopping at Wal-Mart in a small town in Louisiana, you may have to purchase a tube of chopped cilantro…)
7 ripe avocados (leave them whole – follow the recipe for slicing)

Dice the tomatoes and onion and toss them in a large bowl. Squeeze in the limes and orange. Chop up as much cilantro as you’d like (I use a LOT, but you can adjust it to your taste) and stir it in. Season with salt and pepper and mix everything up.

Cut each avocado in half and scoop out each half into the bowl (tip: to remove the pit, after halving the avocado, take a sharp knife and tap it firmly into the center of the pit. Twist the knife and the pit should come loose. Then just scoop out the avocado in one piece with a spoon.)

Once you’ve added all the avocado halves to the bowl, take two knives and chop up the avocados in the bowl, leaving them pretty chunky. This is key. This makes the guac – chunky avocados. Once they’re pretty well chopped, you can mix everything up, which will naturally mash some of the avocado, which is fine. But you want most of it to remain chunky, so don’t stir any more than you have to. Then just taste it to check the seasoning, and enjoy with some tortilla chips!

*I should probably add that this “family” recipe originated from a restaurant called Boudro’s on the San Antonio River Walk. My family ate there years and years ago and ordered the table-side guacamole (and have since eaten there many more times and always ordered it again). They make the guac fresh at your table, and it’s amazing. Since they make it in front of you, the recipe isn’t exactly a secret, so my dad started copying it at home, and I took it from there.


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