Are You Talking To Me?

18 May

Why do people talk to themselves when other people are around? It’s incredibly awkward. I’m specifically referring to when strangers do this, like for example, in the public restroom at work. It’s like.. are you talking to me? We’re both washing our hands and we’re the only two people in here, but I don’t know you and we have nothing to talk about, so why are you speaking? It seems like you’re talking to yourself, but do you expect me to answer? Will you think I’m rude if I just keep my mouth shut and get out of there as soon as I can? Do I care?

On a similar note, why do people talk to other people in public restrooms at all? I’m not even ok with two people who know each other carrying on a conversation in the bathroom, but at least that kind of makes sense. When I’m in the restroom, I don’t want you to ask me how my day is going, especially when I don’t know you! It’s just weird.

Thank you, that is all.


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