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ACL Weekend Highlights

15 Oct

So Jon and I went to Austin this past weekend for the Austin City Limits music festival – his first! I was excited to be back at ACL after skipping two years, and we had a great time and saw a ton of great bands. Here are some highlights from the weekend, in case you’re interested.

First off, the best part of being in Austin was getting to stay with my brother and sister-in-law and most importantly our adorable niece! I present the following photos as evidence of her adorableness:



Hook ’em! Was there ever a cuter Longhorn fan?


Pensive Ev

Ok, now on to ACL itself. Like I said, we saw a ton of bands: Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, Dry the River, Big Gigantic, The Shins, The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers, Childish Gambino, and of course Red Hot Chili Peppers. But Jon and I agreed that our favorite show by far was Weezer. We knew almost every song (they have a lot of hits!) and it was just a fun show.


Relaxing on Day 2 at Dry the River

Another highlight was the unexpected celebrity sighting. Now, I may be alone in calling this a highlight, since most people probably wouldn’t have recognized these two actors. But if anyone else watched the show One Tree Hill (I know, I know – it was my guilty pleasure ok?) then perhaps you remember Julian and Quinn (aka Austin Nichols and Shantal VanSanten) from the last few seasons? (For the record, I had no idea what their real names were when we saw them. I looked them up on IMDB later.) We stumbled upon them as we were leaving the Alabama Shakes concert on Friday and it took me a minute to figure out why I recognized them. Jon wouldn’t let me ask them for a photo (he figured they would prefer to stay incognito) but I did snap a not-so-discreet shot of them:


Are they dating? Not sure yet..

Then on Sunday, we were minding our own business at The Civil Wars concert when who should walk up and stand right in front of us but our friends Austin and Shantal. Go figure! Once again I didn’t say anything to them, but snapped a stalkery photo instead.


Several kisses happened just before this photo. Definitely dating.

Last highlight of the weekend was a strange one. We were at the Big Gigantic show, which was a band I’d never heard of, but some of our friends wanted to see. They played a kind of live electronic music, with a sax and drums along with EDM. Hard to explain. Anyway, during the show it started pouring. We all got soaked, and after I covered up with a poncho, it was actually a blast to rock out to really upbeat music in the rain (along with thousands of other people). One of our friends caught this sneaky shot of me and Jon during the concert.


Enjoying the show despite the rain

And that pretty much sums up the weekend. Good weather, good tunes, good friends, good times. Not sure if we’ll go back next year or not, but it was definitely a fun experience.