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I’m Sorry, But My Cat Is Adorable

15 Mar

Case in point:


Sebastian’s current favorite evening nap spot is any one of our four dining room chairs. He rotates around to all the chairs, sometimes napping on three of them in one evening. It’s hilarious and adorable (maybe just to us). Especially when he’s all curled up like this. Just before I snapped this photo he actually had his head tucked in to his back legs, all curled up like a cinnamon roll. So cute.

Of course at night, his favorite sleeping spot is curled up in bed with us, preferably up against my legs, or side, or on my chest.


 And he’s so talented too! He can relax even in the most precarious places.


I dare you to tell me this cat is not cute. And yes, I’m a little obsessed. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Oh and yes, these photos were all taken with my iPhone.


Alien Kitty

7 Dec


Yep, that’s it.

Why I Love Orange – Part 3

14 Nov

This is Sebastian.  He is pretty much the most awesome cat ever.  And he is orange.

I think these photos pretty much speak for themselves.

And the best for last: