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NOLA Weekend

18 Jun

Jon and I spent the weekend in New Orleans with a big group of friends to celebrate our friend Marc’s wedding. The overall theme of the weekend was definitely… food! We ate (and drank) a ton – Felix’s, The Palace Cafe, Cafe Du Monde, Mothers, and of course – Bourbon Street. We had a great weekend! Below is a summary in Instagram photos. ūüôā


First stop: Felix’s for oysters!


Impatiently waiting for our dinner..


Mmmm chargrilled oysters! So good, we ordered an extra half-dozen. Yum.


Of course we had to hit up Pat O’s for Hurricanes!

We had a great time at the Pat O’s piano bar – it was definitely an entertaining couple of hours. It was just me and Jon, since most of the group was at the rehearsal dinner. The place was packed, so we were seated at a table with three other strangers. One guy was from France, and was in New Orleans on business. He was definitely taking full advantage of his night off – he had at least 5 empty drink glasses in front of him – and he ended up buying us drinks! It was hilarious. Also entertaining was the guy playing the piano when we got there – he basically sang every song as if it was a children’s sing-along. It was like Raffi’s piano bar. It was pretty awful how badly he was butchering some great songs, but it was definitely good for a laugh.


Saturday we went to the Aquarium – Jon was most excited about the sharks.


And of course I was most excited about the PENGUINS!!!


Celebrating Marc & Candice’s wedding Saturday night.


Final stop before leaving – Cafe Du Monde of course. Love those beignets.


My Weekend (via Instagram)

15 Nov

One of the first things I did this weekend was finally download the Instagram app on my iPhone. ¬†I’d heard a lot about this (or rather, seen everyone’s photos), but I hadn’t gotten in on the craze until Friday. ¬†So of course I decided to jump right in. ¬†Here’s a summary of what I did this weekend, as told by my Instagram photos.

The hubby was out of town (Vegas for a bachelor party Рlucky) so it was just me and Sebastian.  He was pretty excited about that fact:

Lazy kitty

So naturally, I did some shopping.  Remember I mentioned the sweet coupon I had for World Market?  Yeah I definitely took advantage of that:

My loot - all 10% off!

I got a fun candle holder, some taper candles, Christmas ornaments (notice one that looks like a certain lazy kitty?) and some sesame oil and allspice. ¬†Naturally. ¬†You’ll see where those two came in handy in just a sec. ¬†Here’s my new favorite ornament though:

It's a pickle!

Has anyone else heard of the German tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree? ¬†Supposedly the first child to find the pickle on Christmas morning got an extra present. ¬†I had heard of this and decided I wanted a pickle for my tree. ¬†However, I actually did some research, and it seems that this “tradition” is actually just a myth. ¬†Oh well. ¬†I love pickles so I still love my new ornament.

The rest of my weekend consisted of a lot of cooking/baking.  I wanted to try out a couple of recipes I found on Pinterest.  So first I made some Spicy Thai Noodles:

Spicy Thai Noodles

I got the recipe from this blog. ¬†Now you know why I picked up some sesame oil at World Market. ¬†The noodles were delicious! ¬†Both hot (Friday dinner) and cold (Saturday lunch) ūüôā

Saturday morning I did a little baking.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

I got this recipe here. ¬†They were supposed to be mini muffins, but I didn’t have a mini-muffin tin, so I just made them regular sized. ¬†They were pretty good – not too sweet, so I didn’t feel gross having a couple for breakfast. ¬†(This is where I used the allspice!)

I only used half a can of pumpkin for the muffins, so I decided to use the rest for dinner and make some pumpkin soup:

Pumpkin Soup

I know pumpkin soup sounds a little weird, but it was actually really tasty.  I just found an easy recipe online and tweaked it slightly.

That’s it for my weekend in photos! ¬†Not terribly exciting, but sometimes a quiet and relaxing weekend is just what I need.

Anyone else try out some new recipes this weekend?  Or find a fun new Christmas ornament?