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Why Yes I Do Have Broadway Season Tickets

17 May

…Broadway Across America in Houston, that is.  And yes, I do.  This was totally a spur of the moment decision, but it’s definitely something that I could cross off my bucket list if I had a bucket list.  I LOVE Broadway musicals.  My whole family does, we’ve always gone to see them together.  My parents had season tickets for a few years a while back, and pretty much any time Les Mis or Wicked (our collective favorites) are in Houston or Austin, we’ve gone to see them.  I think we last saw Les Mis together a couple years ago when it came to Houston (my 5th time?), and we all saw Wicked together this past January in Austin (my 4th time I think).

I was really, really disappointed in this past (2011-2012) BAA season in Houston.  It was awful – I had no desire to see a single show.  Lion King was the only good one, and having seen that one a couple of times, I didn’t really care to go back.  And who wants to see The Addams Family musical?  Or Riverdance?  Really?  So I was enormously thrilled when I got an email on Monday inviting me to buy season tickets for next year, and I got my first look at the season.  Let me tell you, it is amazing.  Not only does it include my two all-time favorites (Les Mis and Wicked) but the other four shows are ones that a. I have not seen and b. I either know to be good (Jersey Boys, Beauty and the Beast), or assume to be good based on the movies they’re based on (Sister Act, Catch Me If You Can).  Of course, that could be a dangerous assumption (I’ve seen the Mary Poppins musical and it was AWFUL), but I’m pretty confident that this will be the best season ever.  So when I got that email about season tickets, I couldn’t resist.  I was a little surprised that Jon let me spend so much money at once (I bought 4 tickets) but he actually enjoys most musicals too, and we’re planning to sell the extra pair of tickets to each show (most likely to our families, obviously) so it really wasn’t too bad.

And now, please enjoy this clip of the best song from Wicked (although not my favorite song, that would be For Good – makes me cry every. time.)